Information for those who are in the UK on a work visa during Covid-19

Here is some current info for those who are in the UK on a work visa:

Info is from a FB thread from an immigration officer who is also a theatre-maker (from fb group UK Theatre Industry Coronavirus Support)

1. Try your embassy and ask your country of origin for support

2. UKVI is actually set to publish new Guidance linked to COVID-19 on the 31st March (subject to any delays), which may tackle this question. So as it stands, public funds are not allowed to be accessed and private funds will apply. But it may be worth waiting for the new Guidance as UKVI are aware it’s an unprecedented situation. (I’m an Immigration Adviser as well as a theatre-maker).

3. Have a try with contribution-based ESA – I have a feeling we can apply for that as it’s based on contributions you’ve made through NI

4.Equity has shared some charities that you could reach out to and here’s some more

5. Many shops and farms are hiring and earning money from different employment may be an option.

EQUITY ACTOR UNION guidance – this contains info of hardship funds

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