Pitching like a pro 2: Preparing your pitch

So, you’ve worked a small miracle and secured a pitch opportunity for your business? That alone is a huge accomplishment, as it’s not an easy feat. It’s important that to set time aside to prepare for this opportunity, as you may not get it again. Preparing thoroughly for a pitch means you can be confident and quick-thinking, which will help in landing your business deal. Below are the steps I take to ensure I’m “pitch ready” on the big day.

I’m Frankie Snobel, a drinks industry disrupter and founder of Tipplesworth cocktail kits, mixers and cocktails-on-tap, which was acquired in 2019. Across my career, I’ve secured meetings, developed relationships and signed deals with key industry movers and shakers – including major buyers, global brands and investors. And now, over the course of this series of articles, I’m going to share what I’ve learned with you about the art of pitching.

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