Pitching like a pro 1: Tactics for securing your first meeting

Woman pitching at a meeting

I’m Frankie Snobel, a drinks industry disrupter and founder of Tipplesworth cocktail kits, mixers and cocktails-on-tap, which was acquired in 2019. Across my career, I’ve secured meetings, developed relationships and signed deals with key industry movers and shakers – including major buyers, global brands and investors. And now, over the course of this series of articles, I’m going to share what I’ve learned with you about the art of pitching.

My pitching techniques started back as a teenager when I was working weekends in retail. I quickly realised that a smile and a bit of friendly banter went a long way, with both customers and management. 

When I moved into hospitality as a bartender, this became even more evident. Understand your customer, offer a solution to make them happy (i.e. a cocktail that suits their taste, mood and occasion), be quick, and do all of this with both charisma and panache.

Fast forward many moons later when I started my business, and I was able to translate those same skills into entrepreneurship as well. Whether it be investors, buyers, or customers, research and charm nearly always led to at least a conversation or meeting. Some of which ultimately led to contracts being signed, finance being raised and even eventually selling my first business!

Pitching is no easy feat and it’s integral in growing a business, so let’s start with the first step – getting your foot in the much coveted door.

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