Finance & Funding

Managing Money

A list of Hardship Funds for Creatives

There are loads of wonderful creative organisation that have responded positivly to the financial issues facing the creative sector in light of the Corvid-19 pandemic


Promoting your Business


Taking your product to market

Selling into Retail

Are you considering using a retailer to sell your products? This introduction to the different types of retailers and their benefits will help you decide on the next steps to take.

Pricing for creatives

Introduction to pricing for creatives. Including; achieving the right balance, considering value, multiple income streams, costing work, calculating your daily rate, pricing and income.

How to Sell Your Product

How to sell your product will ultimately come down to what the product is, and where the most suitable platforms to promote and sell your work are.  Identify what you make, where is the most appropriate place to sell it, and who your consumer is.

Legal and strategy

Plans & Contracts

Business Plan Basics

Our in-house expert Sandy Thomson helps you get to grips with the basics of writing a business plan in just 15 minutes. In this short video, she outlines each section of the plan and explains what information is required.

Understanding Contracts

Learn about the clarity and commitment contracts can bring to your business agreements, and find out how to take your first steps to create your own contracts.