Getting started with social media

A pro at using social media in our private lives, but a little daunted when it comes to making it part of our work lives? No need to fear as with a little know-how, social media can be an amazing tool to help grow, promote and celebrate your creative.

A good place to start is the word social media itself. Social denotes being warm, friendly and likeable and this should be the goal of your business social media accounts. You want potential customers, investors and employers to like you as a brand through the way you interact on social media. This means adding friendly emojis to posts, thanking people for sharing your content and helping resolve issues by asking people to email you.

And to make sure it represents your brand, it’s important to talk in a way that sounds authentic to you. So if you’re a brand targeting millennials make sure you speak in a way that appeals to them, or if you’re a Scottish manufacturer don’t be scared to use Scottish colloquialisms. In short, don’t be scared to be you – after all this is what makes your brand unique.

This together with great content that shows off your product in an interesting way will encourage customers to connect with you emotionally then, ultimately, press buy. Talking of sales it’s also a great idea to offer social media only promotion every once in a while to show your followers it’s all about giving them the best.

Now when it comes to networking social media wins because if you can’t go to an event you can still join the conversation by using the hashtag. So do let others know you’re enjoying being part of the event digitally and tag the hosts, venue and sponsors.

It doesn’t stop at events on LinkedIn, search for buyers, press and influencers and then search for their handles elsewhere to follow. Keep up with what they are doing and reply to their content with comments that show your interest. Drop them a private message to explore a potential collaboration if you’ve enjoyed talking with them on social media.

Twitter chats are a great way to build a following and promote your product. They are usually on the same day every week where a brand or group hosts a discussion around topics related to their industry. For example, AdWeek’s #AdWeekChat is about advertising and the Design Museum hosts #FontSundays which is more of a 24-hour design Twitter challenge.

Twitter chats move fast though so it helps to be in a quiet and calm place and even if you can only stop by for 15 minutes it’s worth it. The general rule of thumb is to add the hashtag for the chat to your tweet. Then just click the hashtag to see what others are saying and like, retweet and reply to tweets that resonate with you.

The second part of social media is all about the media. Media is just a fancy name for the collective communication means that we use as a society and to really make your social media efforts sing it pays to use as many good quality mediums for communicating on your platforms as possible. Think about creating video content, making text-only images, recording sound clips, setting up live feeds, doodling a thank you, going GIF crazy and adding anything else that will make your communication rich. With so many mobile apps out there some great resources to help you create there are:

  • Boomerang
  • Glitchè App
  • Mobile Voice Recorders
  • Piktochart
  • Placeit

Top 5 tips

A social media presence is seen as a must-have for those who want to sell their products or promote their work. Cat Leaver, Head of Strategy at After Digital, and Laura Waddell, Digital Marketing Executive at Freight Books, share their top five tips for optimising your social media

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