Finding Your Business Niche with Alyson Chu

Kick off the new year with some creative inspiration from crochet champion Alyson Chu, creator and publisher of Moorit magazine and our first guest of the year on Elevenses with CEC.

Discover Alyson’s story from finding her niche passion to leading a one-woman mission to elevate crocheting beyond your granny’s granny square. She is now dedicated to reframing the narrative around this often-under-represented craft.

After taking up crocheting, Alyson became a passionate champion of what many consider to be an unstylish or granny-like hobby. But Alyson saw its potential and identified a gap in the market. Over the years she’s built a strong following on her Keep Calm and Carry Yarn YouTube channel and is now working to grow a profitable business in her niche launching Moorit, a modern crochet magazine, following a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign early in 2021.

Join us in conversation as she explains how Moorit is reframing the narrative around crochet and setting new accessibility standards for craft magazines and learn how you too could leverage your niche to grow your business.

This video contains autogenerated captions. They may not be 100% accurate. If you would like a transcript of this video please contact us and we’ll be happy to provide it for you.

More about Alyson

Following an undergraduate degree in art, a MA in publishing from the University of the Arts London and jobs which involved a lot of spreadsheets, Alyson turned towards crochet first as a hobby. Now she is the creator and publisher of Moorit, an independent magazine for crocheters with customers and stockists around the world. Moorit is at the forefront of this movement to turn negative preconceptions about crochet on their head.

Alyson is also the co-host of the Keep Calm and Carry Yarn podcast and a founding team member of BIPOC in Fiber, a project dedicated to promoting diversity in the fibre industry.

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