Lynsey Cowan

Lynsey Cowan

Business Systems Specialist


List Building

Systems and Processes

Digital Online Business

Product Launches


Lynsey helps heart-centred, soul-led entrepreneurs to come out of overwhelm into freedom because freedom brings that creative expansion in your business.

The freedom and creative expansion that allows you to focus on captivating your audience, delivering your products and services and having the peace of mind knowing that your systems and processes within the business are of a high standard, that your product and podcast launches are going to be a huge success.

Lynsey Cowan is a Systems Specialist and lover of all things tech and offers intensive days and signature 5-month program to help you build your online business from scratch.

She also runs a VA/OBM agency to support clients with day-to-day tasks whilst Lynsey helps clients with the strategy for product launches and growing an audience.

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