Katy Air

Having worked in marketing for over 12 years, Katy has had the fortune to move across most sectors from publishing to FMCG, finance, energy and the arts.

Over this time she has honed her skills in strategic planning, helping businesses to achieve their goals. Covering all areas under the commercial umbrella from financial planning and reporting, to data analysis, campaign planning, advertising and events.

An ‘all rounder’ in the marketing field, Katy currently works with several clients in developing their companies. This has been consistent over the last ten years, designing exit plans for merger and acquisition, as well as routes to funding for new business ideas.

Katy brings a buzz of excitement to any project and will be happy to discuss your ideas.

Areas of expertise

  • Marketing
  • Strategic thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Data analysis
  • Creative development
  • Campaign planning
  • Advertising
  • Events
  • Stakeholder engagement
March 2021
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