Lead a mentally healthier and braver life with Charley Gavigan

This week on Elevenses, we chat with hope-a-holic, Charley Gavigan, who is learning every day to ditch her terrifying fears, anxieties and self-defeating beliefs in order to practice living and leading her bravest life. As Co-founder and coach at Brave Your Day, Charley supports people to lead mentally healthier and braver lives in uncertain times, something we could all benefit from.

Join us as we learn about the work Charley does at Brave Your Day and get some practical tips for managing your mental well being during these strange days.

More about Charley

I have worked since I was 11. Moved cities solo in my twenties. I set up an award-winning design Board Game Company in my thirties, when I was tracked by the Financial Times as a woman entrepreneur and crowned ‘Queen of guerilla marketing’.

In my late thirties I confronted death and dying by supporting my then partner to have his best death. In my forties I ran my first 10k, learnt to ride a bike, married my soulmate and climbed 11,000 feet up the Matterhorn. Now that I’ve survived into my 50’s, I celebrate my low life points alongside my daily bravery fieldwork with like-minded warriors.

As a therapist and coach, for over 30 years, I have supported individuals, teams and organisations, dealing with problems in living, trauma, relational issues, fears, building emotional intelligence, cultivating resilience, reducing stress and braver leadership.

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