Running an social purpose fashion brand with Katie Ellis

This week on Elevenses we speak with high street fashion buyer turned adaptive clothing brand founder, Katie Ellis. Inspired by her grandmothers diminished mobility and desire for independence and dignity, Katie established The Able Label which offers a stunning range of fashionable clothes with adapted designs, innovative fastenings and hidden extras that make dressing easier for those with or caring for someone with dressing difficulties. We’ll hear from Katie about her journey running a lean, purpose-driven, family business, what she’s learnt 5 years in and what’s next on the cards.

More about Katie

Katie Ellis founded The Able Label clothing having seen first hand the challenges her grandmother faced dressing with Parkinson’s. The brand encourages independence and self-confidence, helping enable women and men to live life to its fullest in comfort and style.

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Medeia Cohan, Creative Director

Medeia served as Head Curator at University of the Arts London, running their art gallery, art collection and collectors group, comprised of many of the UK’s top collectors, until 2005. She is an experienced curator, gallerist and art advisor. She is well connected in the art world and works collaboratively with a handful of artists on selected projects. Medeia does not suffer fools.

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