Top-line legal musts for businesses with lawyer Lucy Gannon

This week on Elevenses with CEC, our weekly chat show series where we have intimate, honest conversations with a range of wonderful humans about the creative industries, wellbeing, reality and the future, we’ll be chatting with corporate and commercial lawyer and mother of 3, Lucy Gannon. Lucy will be shedding light on what we know to navigate both your current situation and the new world from a legal perspective and how she’s juggling her beyond full-time job with 3 children in her home office.

More about Lucy

Lucy has heaps of experience working with creative businesses at all stages of development. From trademarking business names to getting ready for an exit, Lucy’s done it all and lived to tell about it. She’s also refreshingly human and understands that literally no one except other lawyers understand lawyers, so she’s perfectly placed to field pretty much anything you can throw at her.

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