What makes an attractive investment with Sanja Moll

This week on Elevenses with CEC, our weekly chat show series we’ll be speaking with entrepreneur and investor turned coach, Sanja Moll about what her experiences on both sides of the business have taught her and informed her choices as an investor. We’ll find out what she looks for in her investments and any tips she might have for investment-ready businesses.

More about Sanja

After 15 years in the restaurant industry; co-founding, part exiting and then entirely selling Salt Yard Group as well as co-founding and ultimately folding LeCoq, Sanja is now thrilled to be championing and supporting other entrepreneurial individuals and their companies through her coaching work. To keep her own entrepreneurial and hospitality desires satisfied she is overseeing the creation of high-end off-grid self-catering bothies in the
Highlands of Scotland.​

In 2019, Sanja appeared on BBC2’s Million Pound Menu as an investor/judge. She now coaches clients through her website www.sanjamoll.com

Connect with Sanja on the Creative Entrepreneurs’ Club.

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