Cracking on and getting sh*t done with Kathryn Welch

This week on Elevenses with CEC, our weekly chat show series where we have intimate, honest conversations with a range of wonderful humans about the creative industries, wellbeing, reality and the future, we’ll be chatting with Kathryn Welch who is passionate about bringing people together, leading creative projects and strengthening communities.

Host Sandy Thomson will extract Kathryn’s tips for how to get new projects off the ground and get things up and running, involving people and making things happen despite the current climate.

More about Kathryn

Now freelance, Kathryn was formerly Director of Voluntary Arts Scotland, Operations Director at Macrobert Arts Centre, and Founder of community-rooted projects like Stirling Soup. Happiest when spinning lots of plates at once, she’s known for a practical approach that helps make the best use of time and prioritises getting shit done.   Connect with Kathryn on the Creative Entrepreneurs’ Club

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