Intelligent risk taking

Sandy Thomson · 24/08/2022

Developing your career or business requires taking risks. Sometimes the path to success, working to an ethical framework or sheer circumstance requires us to face things that feel risky or dangerous. As we create networks and make decisions on our professional journey, dealing with risk becomes inevitable, and whether that risk is personal, financial, psychological, or something else, it’s important to have strategies and plans in place to manage it when stakes are high. Intelligent risk management recognises that some situations are inherently higher stakes than others. It requires we assess, process, and deal with risk varies depending on a whole range of factors number of factors. Participants will:

  • Learn to identify risks
  • Become familiar with risk assessment tools
  • Identify narratives and how to use them constructively identify key risks in their own development

About Instructor

Sandy Thomson

A Story Engineer creating narratives for film, theatre, live events and business. I'm Artistic Director of Poorboy Stories and founded the company in 2002. An award winning writer, director and world builder, I'm often found delivering masterclasses, programmes and mentoring or advising on collaboration, communications and innovation for artists, creative entrepreneurs and more traditional businesses.

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