Impactful collaborations

Sandy Thomson · 24/08/2022

Collaboration is both incredibly rewarding and one of the least understood creative and business interactions. It creates an opportunity for genuine exchange between individuals, organisations, different disciplines and sectors. It expands our reach, provokes our imagination, maps new paths, creates unexpected and engaging outputs and is one of the most effective ways to develop as an individual and a business.

It’s also extremely easy to do badly.

Healthy, impactful collaboration requires boldness, vision, commitment and a willingness to explore and be vulnerable in pursuit of something bigger than anyone collaborator.

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Sandy Thomson

A Story Engineer creating narratives for film, theatre, live events and business. I'm Artistic Director of Poorboy Stories and founded the company in 2002. An award winning writer, director and world builder, I'm often found delivering masterclasses, programmes and mentoring or advising on collaboration, communications and innovation for artists, creative entrepreneurs and more traditional businesses.

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