Freelancing with purpose

In this session, we’ll work to discover your personal north star to align all your choices and plans against.

Medeia Cohan · 23/08/2022

As freelancers, we contend with being every department in our businesses all at once. On any given day we can be planning, managing, delivering and attracting the next client. This can mean making huge career-shaping decisions quickly and regularly, but often without a clear headspace, which can result in reactive or fear-driven responses and over time can lead to a sense of frustration or even burn-out.

Learning to lead with purpose, intention and consistency is the secret to transitioning away from bad workplace habits and toward a balanced, sustainable freelance career.

Key takeaways
• Discover your purpose, values and value
• Transition away from reactive, fear-driven behaviour
• Develop the skills and mindset to have a healthy sustainable practice
• Plan with strategic intent
• Set clear parameters and identify your ideal clients

About Instructor

Medeia Cohan

Hey there. Thanks for checking out my profile. If you've made it here you might already know that I'm one-half of the brains behind the Creative Entrepreneurs' Club which, I hope you're enjoying so far (lots more to come!). But it might be worth knowing a bit more about me and my background. I have established a career out of successfully bridging the sometimes colossal gap between the creative and business sectors and in 2013 I was recognised for my work within the world of creative entrepreneurship by being named a Woman of Achievement by Director Magazine (aren't I fancy!). Previously I've held roles such as Head Curator at University of the Arts London, Co-Founder and Creative Director at School for Creative Startups and as a freelance creative consultant all of which I enjoyed tremendously. Although each role was totally different, the thing that joins them together is my compulsion to help people realise their creative visions. I thrive on building great networks and connecting people to realise brilliant collaborations, mutually beneficial investments, sustainable businesses, unique projects and mind-blowing moments. CEC is the culmination of all that experience and some additional research and what you see now is what we believe our community needs to become stronger than the sum of our parts and totally empowered. Listening to you guys is a huge part of making this place magical, so you can always ping me an email with thoughts and ideas. We are a work in progress, but the big vision is awesome, so stick with us and we'll get there sooner than later.

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