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A skills development and support programme for creative industry founders and freelancers looking to level up by embedding digital into every aspect of their venture to allow for seamless growth and long-term success.
Nova Stevenson · 02/05/2022

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Nova Stevenson

I'm the co-founder of the Creative Entrepreneurs' Club and a digital transformation enthusiast/specialist. I began the digital portion of my career as a content editor for a national education organisation. I fell in love with organising information and simplifying how that information is access and digested on the web. I am excited by the way that digital can make learning available to people who previously had limited or no access. In 2008 I set up a digital agency with two friends and we set about taking what we learned to the social enterprise sector. We wanted to give them access to the same tools the big brands were using so that they could amplify their message and ultimately have a greater impact on their community.

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