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Our first-ever freelancer skills programme, is focussed on practical and engaging content. Delivered online, it will up-skill, re-skill and re-ignite your passion for your work.

Nova Stevenson · 02/05/2022

Our first-ever freelancer skills programme, is focused on practical and engaging content.  Delivered online, it will up-skill, re-skill and re-ignite your passion for your work.

This programme was initially designed to support freelancers who have been adversely affected by the pandemic. However, even if your business didn’t suffer, or if you are new to freelancing, this programme will help you develop the skills and mindset you need to thrive regardless of the changes in the world around you.

Get ready to rebuild, refocus and re-energise your work.

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Getting started
Establishing a creative mindset
Knowing and reaching your audience
Money, money, money
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Nova Stevenson

I'm the co-founder of the Creative Entrepreneurs' Club and a digital transformation enthusiast/specialist. I began the digital portion of my career as a content editor for a national education organisation. I fell in love with organising information and simplifying how that information is access and digested on the web. I am excited by the way that digital can make learning available to people who previously had limited or no access. In 2008 I set up a digital agency with two friends and we set about taking what we learned to the social enterprise sector. We wanted to give them access to the same tools the big brands were using so that they could amplify their message and ultimately have a greater impact on their community.

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