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For this activity, you can print and complete the worksheet, or grab a fresh piece of paper, or a new online doc. You will need about 15 -20 minutes of distraction-free research time.

Contact research worksheet (PDF)Download

We are all short on time, so big projects or tasks that feel huge seem to never get done. Breaking jobs into small, achievable and regular tasks means they become a habit and second nature. You now have a list of several contacts that need to be researched. It could take you a full day’s work to research them all, which isn’t a good use of your time or day rate, so let’s make it a regular habit. Two or three days a week, earmark 15-20min first thing in the morning to research a contact.

To make it easy, print out a few of these sheets and use them as a guide for your research or turn the questions listed below into a spreadsheet to be added to regularly.

Start by opening LinkedIn or your preferred contact list.

  1. Name the contact you’re researching
  2. List how you know this person or if you don’t how you could
  3. Bullet point key facts, interests, sectoral focus, etc.
  4. List shared interests or areas where you can connect
  5. What do you need from this contact?
  6. What can you offer this contact?