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For this activity, you can print and complete the worksheet, or grab a fresh piece of paper, or a new online doc. You will need about 30 minutes of distraction-free thinking time.

Finding the right contact worksheet (PDF)Download

You know more people than you think you do and they can help you in ways you’ve never imagined. This exercise is about finding the right person to help you strategically achieve your goals.

1. Return to your goals

Take a fresh sheet of paper or download the worksheet. Copy over your list of priority goals shortlisted from the goal-defining exercise.

2. Who do you know that can help?

On a goal-by-goal basis, list people you already know that could help you achieve that goal or part of it. It’s useful to have your LinkedIn, CRM system or old-school black book open doing this. If you don’t know anyone currently that can help you with your goals, leave that section blank for now.

3. Who do you need to know?

Once you’ve exhausted your current contact list, look to see if you have any goals that were left without contacts next to them. If so, think about the kind of person you need. What skills do they have or what title do they hold? Write a descriptor for the contact you need.

4. Finding new contacts

Now that you have a description of the people you want to get to know, think about who your existing contacts have in their circle. Do you know someone who knows someone? If you’re using LinkedIn, see if any of your contacts might know the kind of contact that you need. If they do, make notes.