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For this activity, you can print and complete the worksheet, or grab a fresh piece of paper, or a new online doc. You will need about 20 minutes of distraction-free thinking time.

Defining your goals worksheet (PDF)Download

This is an exercise worth doing regularly across your whole venture. Each time you finish a block of goals, revisit this exercise to determine your next focus. Not just for networking, but for the wider health and focus on your venture.

Now find your business plan or whatever reference documents you need to locate key information about your venture. Make a cup of your favourite drink and re-familiarise yourself with the work you’ve done to determine the direction of your venture. Once you’ve read it over, start filling in the below sections

1. Create a master list of your business or project goals

Bullet-point your goals: big ones, little ones, get them all out here. This is the place to make the BIG list

2. Break the bigger goals down to multiple mini goals

Read over your long goal list of goals. Look at those goals that could be broken down into multiple mini goals. This will make your list longer, but don’t worry about that.

3. Group your goals under 2-4 themes

Read over your revised list of goals. Are there any duplicates? If so remove them. Pick a few themes to group your goals under and list them under that heading.

4. Prioritise the goals in each theme

Pick one theme at a time and start to prioritise the goals in each list. Which are most urgent for your venture? Which are easiest to tick off the list?

5. Get started on some goals

Now that you have your goals ranked by priority under each theme. Look across the themes and pick a few high-priority, or quick-win goals to start working on. You can choose from one theme or across the themes. Focus on the goals that are most important to you right now. Take a few minutes to flush the goal out so that you have a clear idea of what you need to do.