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For this activity, you can print and complete the worksheet, or grab a fresh piece of paper, or a new online doc. You will need about 20 minutes of distraction-free thinking time.

Networking health check worksheet (PDF)Download

Let’s do a quick health check about your feelings about networking. The best way to improve networking for yourself is to put energy into creating a positive mindset and a good internal narrative toward the act of networking.

1. What don’t you like about networking?

List all the things that you don’t like about networking. It’s best to do this fast and from your gut rather than thinking too hard about it.

2. Dig deeper into why

Take the first thing you don’t like and make it a heading. Now it’s time to analyse the reason you feel the way you do about it. Is it insecurity, do you feel inauthentic, is it a trauma response? Give it some deep thought and write down your analysis for each of your ‘dislikes’.

3. Find a creative workaround

Now you have the emotional analysis out of the way it’s time for the creative bit. For each of your pain points can you think of a creative workaround that might make them less painful? Write down a way you can change your mindset for each or find a new way of approaching them to make them more enjoyable.

4. Put it into practice

Now that you have some solutions, are you feeling more positive about networking? Let’s find some opportunities to try your new approach.

Create a list of upcoming occasions where you can put your solutions into action. This sets an intention and promise to yourself to fix your mindset in a real setting. Soon.