Working in rural places

Cultural Crofter Lindsay Dunbar will share how you can make your rural location an asset rather than a barrier to your career, how the ebb and flow of rural life can help diversify your work choices and give you a wealth of experience.

Living and working in a rural community can highlight a lot of perceptions about how you work, who you engage with, and what you have to contribute to the wider sector. This course will address the various mindsets you need to adopt in order to adapt how you position yourself with others.

Finally, if you find yourself wearing many hats, if you have many job descriptions or roles expected of you – how do you find that balance and stay true to your own values. How do you find the freelancer you want to become when the many hats are wearing you down?


  • Making your location your USP
  • Mindset of a rural leader
  • Many Hats of freelance life