Impactful collaborations – panel discussion

Collaboration creates opportunity for genuine exchange between individuals or organisations and their practices and specialisms. It helps us produce amazing outputs, change our working process or direction, teaches us new skills and approaches, inspires new ideas, creates new, shared ventures and lets us explore potential partnerships and changes.

But, handled badly, it’s a horror show of unhappy compromise, misplaced competition, internal pressure and warring priorities.

Healthy, impactful collaboration is more than just being lucky in your partners. It’s a skill set and a practice in its own right. In this session Sandy is in conversation with Rachael Briscoe of Fast Familiar and they share experiences of what works, what to avoid and what to expect from collaboration.

Trained as a playwright and theatre director Rachael works with her long term creative collaborators and a whole range of partner organisations in everything from justice to the healthcare sector to create events that are part theatre, part game, part live, part digital and always a supported space for folk to get beneath the surface of the stories we’re all told & make sense of the world with strangers. In addition to this conversation Fast Familiar’s Workshop Process Blog is a wealth of thoughtful, informed findings.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn to assess potential collaborations
  • Develop a framework for healthy, productive collaborations
  • Hear first hand about a range of collaboration experiences


Sandy Thomson

Sandy Thomson is a CEC Advisor, Artistic Director of UK theatre company Poorboy and USA film company, Squad Walk. She specialises in supporting emerging and established creative entrepreneurs to be resilient in tough times and sustainable in the long run. She helps them balance their creative imperatives with their business essentials. Sandy is excellent at working in the space where business meets creative practice. Connect with Sandy