Impactful collaborations

Collaboration is both incredibly rewarding and one of the least understood creative and business interactions. It creates opportunity for genuine exchange between individuals, organisations, different disciplines and sectors. It expands our reach, provokes our imagination, maps new paths, creates unexpected and engaging outputs and is one of the most effective ways to develop as an individual and a business. It’s also extremely easy to do badly. Healthy, impactful collaboration requires boldness, vision, commitment and a willingness to explore and be vulnerable in pursuit of something bigger than any one collaborator. In this session theatre and filmmaker Sandy Thomson talks about her experience as a collaborative producing artist and business leader and pulls together the essence of her cross-disciplinary, international collaboration masterclasses – The Poorboy Playrooms. She shares her insights and practical exercises to prepare you for the most fruitful, beneficial collaborative experience. Key takeaways:

  • Learn to assess potential collaborations
  • Goalset for collaborative relationships
  • Develop a framework for healthy, productive collaborations
  • Hear first hand about a range of collaboration experiences


Sandy Thomson

Sandy Thomson is a CEC Advisor, Artistic Director of UK theatre company Poorboy and USA film company, Squad Walk. She specialises in supporting emerging and established creative entrepreneurs to be resilient in tough times and sustainable in the long run. She helps them balance their creative imperatives with their business essentials. Sandy is excellent at working in the space where business meets creative practice. Connect with Sandy