Getting into the right rooms – customers

Customers we all have them where we call them customers or not. This session will explore how we can understand where our customers are and how to simply ‘get in the right room’. We will discuss what a customer is, what customer behaviour tells us and how we can have positive relationships with customers. This session is for you if you have a service, an experience or a product. This session is also for you if you want people to engage with you and your practise, knowing this stuff will change your life! (well maybe not but it will be jammed packed full of tips, tricks and knowledge shared)


One of Rachael’s may hats is consumer behaviour, she developed and has delivered the UK’s only retail academy for socially motivated businesses on behalf of Social Investment Scotland. Rachael spends a great deal of her time with trend specialists, commercial businesses and retailers understanding how they can engage social and creative practitioners.

Key takeaways:

  • Customer behaviour
  • Why people purchse in the way they do
  • Current trends
  • How to feel confident in a subject that you may not like 😉