Building a social purpose business with Pheona Matovu, Radiant and Brighter

Very soon every business will be expected to have a social purpose within its model – customers are demanding it, so get ahead of the curve with some considered adjustments and a relevant value-driven strategy.

During this session, we’ll look at how you can become a more responsible, socially focused business without endangering your profit margin or deviating from your core business.


  • Understand your companies core values and the impact they have
  • Explore areas for improved social responsibility
  • Understand the impact you are making
  • Discover your new story with social impact at its core

Who it’s for

Any existing creative business owner looking to add social purpose to their business.

Time Stamps

10:18 – Pheona introduction
19:05 – Culture and Makeup of Radiant and Brighter
22:25 – Focusing on Who You Are
25:43 – How Long it takes to Find your Story
29:14 – Documenting the Progression of your Business (adapt through change)
31:05 – Preparing Business’s for Diversity
35:50 – Adding Social Impact/Value vs. Being a Good Business
38:57 – Moving Forward as a Woman of Colour a Leadership position
50:09 – Q&A

Pheona Matovu – Co-founder and Strategic Director, Radiant and Brighter Community Interest Company

Pheona is also a social entrepreneur and co-founder of Radiant and Brighter Community Interest Company an award winning social enterprise founded with her husband Micheal Matovu in 2012.

She is a member of the newly formed Social Renewal Advisory Board which was announced by the Cabinet Secretary for Communities and Local Government on 9 June 2020, a board which aims to build on the shifts in policy and practice that we have seen as a result of working across portfolios and in partnership with frontline service deliverers in local government, the third sector and communities.

Radiant and Brighter is currently leading the way in developing a better understanding for ethnic diversity in Scotland working with minority ethnic communities and partnering with a range of expert organisations as well as highly experienced individuals from recognised businesses to provide integration support, Employment and Business Start-up programs, End to End Workforce Diversification programs for public, private and third sector organisations as well as Leadership and Enterprise programs for Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) communities.

In November 2016 Radiant and Brighter became part of Social Innovation Partnership with the Scottish Government (Social Justice Directorate) and The Hunter Foundation. This Partnership aims to promote collaboration between social entrepreneurs, statutory agencies and independent funders to challenge and disrupt existing systems in order to tackle poverty and inequalities. Other partnerships include; The Citizens’s Advice Bureau and The Royal Bank of Scotland with whom they are delivering Entrepreneurship and Enterprise support.

Pheona dedicates her time to working for change and is passionate about entrepreneurship, business for good, ethnic diversity, family, community development, poverty alleviation, informal education, children and young people, women’s contribution, access to opportunities, and economic empowerment for all.

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