Brave your Day podcast series

Charley and Colin Gavigan, host a thought-provoking interview show aimed at helping you lead a braver life in uncertain times. Building on their successful life coaching practice and magazine, this podcast features an eclectic mix of guests with inspirational real life, and focussed tips and life hacks to help you Brave Your Day, your way.

This month (October 2020) the podcast series celebrated it’s first birthday. There are over 14 episodes specifically focusing on  building emotional intelligence skills such as: self-care, perspectives, personal purpose, power, anger, stamina, communication, dealing with stress, coping with uncertainty, endurance, trust and emotions…

Here are a few of our favourite interviews with outstanding creatives.

Scottish artists

Embrace the Chaos with Gerard M. Burns
Hooked on Art with Ross Muir 
The Art of Survival with Alexander Millar


Searching for your Authentic Self Karen Dunbar
The Power of Acceptance with Jamie MacDonald


It’s not About Me with Kirsty Wark
Courage to Speak the Unspeakable with Catherine Simpson

The entire catalogue is available on Apple, Spotify, Acast or wherever you get your pods.

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You can find out more about the counselling, coaching and workshops that Brave your Day your Way run by visiting their website.

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