Time to Shake Up Your Freelance Creative Practice

Up until 10 months ago, I’d been sleepwalking through my work life. I was dissatisfied with how I worked, when I got paid, how much I got paid, with hourly rates being dictated by the organisations I worked for and the actual work I was being paid to do. If it hadn’t been for lockdown, I may not have taken the time to shake things up and be where I am now.

As it turned out lockdown was probably one of the best things that has happened to my career. Although this year every organisation that I’ve worked for has closed their doors, leaving me jobless, the lockdown has afforded me some much-needed time to re-evaluate what’s important and how I want to work. I’ve had time to make a new collection of work and throw myself wholeheartedly into some online courses on confidence and business strategies.

Since doing so I’ve gone from being passive in my career to taking more risks in one week than I have in the last 14 years of self-employment. Now I’m standing on the edge of a great big career adventure with the support of some amazing people and I’m going to share with you what I’ve learned about knowing when it’s time to shake up your creative practice.

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