Develop Resilience

Medeia Cohan

To Hell with Resolutions

I didn’t make any New Year’s resolutions and I’m far from dry this January. Who needs more pressure to perform? More things to fail at or feel guilty about. Not me.

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Be More Pirate

Good mutiny isn’t about breaking things for the sake of it. It’s about rewriting the rules, remaking the path forward and making things fairer for all.


Evaluate and Plan


Look after Yourself

When It’s All Too Much

Everyone occasionally experiences the ‘it’s all too much’ feeling of overwhelm and exhaustion. It’s a natural human condition and you are neither weak nor exceptional for experiencing it yourself.

Working with the Weather

As the seasons change it can be hard to keep motivated and stay focused so it’s important to listen to your body and make adjustments in order to stay productive.

Brave your Day Podcast Series

Charley and Colin Gavigan, host a thought-provoking interview show aimed at helping you lead a braver life in uncertain times. Building on their successful life