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Creative Entrepreneur ~ noun

Someone who uses their creative or intellectual knowledge and skills to earn a living.

The Creative Entrepreneurs’ Club is a member-driven network community, here to help make your creative business better in a way that suits you. Our members are aspiring, emerging and established creative entrepreneurs from a wide range of backgrounds, thinking about and running businesses of all shapes and sizes. They tell us and the other members in the community what they need to improve their business and we work hard to provide it. It’s that simple.

We’re a team of real people, real creative entrepreneurs with great contacts, hard-earned experiences and a belief that we are stronger together. Join us today and start benefiting.

‘I’m excited to be a part of a home for like-minded people that’s practical, inspirational and future focussed!’               

Helen Livingston, Founder, Branding Boutique

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Free sessions with a dedicated advisor on business strategy, finance, digital and much more.

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We’ve programmed events based on what you have told us in your profile – it doesn’t get more tailored than that.

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We’ll give you 20% of the cost of all premium events! Also, take advantage of offers from fellow members and partners.

Online & in-person Networking

Redesigned to bring you together with the connections you need at this exact stage in your business.

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Access post-event learning materials & recordings and watch out for our online courses.

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How does the free trial work?

When you sign up you get 30 days full access to all the membership features and benefits. After the 30 days your card will be charged based on the payment option you chose.

Do you need to own a business to join?

Nope. If you’re a creative person who is even toying with the possibility of one day wanting to sell something you make or do then we’d welcome you. Even if you’re just sitting at your day job dreaming about doing something on your own, you’re still most welcome.

Can I talk to someone about my business?

Yes that’s exactly what we are here to help you do. We have a variety of ways you can do this. We have Problem solving sessions with our advisors, Member’s Creative Business Crits where you can chat about your business with a group of peers, and we will soon be releasing coaching packages for more in depth one to one support.

Do you host events in my area?

At the moment the majority of our events are in Glasgow, but we are fast building partnerships with organisations around the country to provide events all that server the length and breadth of the country. We analyse the towns that our members live in all the time. The more members we get from outside Glasgow the more events we will programme there.

Will you promote by business story or news?

Yes! If you are a member and you want we want to support you by amplifying what you do. An easy way to do that is to use the hastag #wearecec on your social posts, we will share anything that has this hashtag.

Can I cancel at any time?

You can cancel your account at anytime. If, however you are can’t find the support you need on the site please email us at hello@wearecec.co.uk. We design the content and events around the things our members need so speak up and we’ll do what we can to help you.

I can't see myself in the directory

Please make sure you have completed all the essential fields in your profile. We need these to be completed so that there is enough info about you for other members to make connections. If you are still having issues send us an email at hello@wearecec.co.uk.

How often do you put on events?

We have 2-3 member only events and 3-4 masterclass style events each month. We also run a business development programme every quarter. As the community grows we will be able to host more events in a greater variety of locations around Scotland.

Can I suggest and event or resources?

We would love for you to tell us what you need. That’s what we are all about, community lead programming!

You will find little pop ups on the site from time to time asking for your feedback, but you can also shout out to us directly on social or at hello@wearecec.co.uk


How do I become more involved?

Let us know what you’ve got in mind. We’re a community, getting more involved is music to our ears. We’d love for you to suggest or even curator or deliver a masterclass, workshop, panel discussion, networking event or anything else you’ve got up your sleeve. Also, if you’re keen to write or record something for us or share your resources, skills or contacts. Really anything goes, so drop us a line and we’ll discuss it.