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A Sonic Hug

This thought-provoking series hears from people from different walks of life who deal, experience and battle mental health issues. Producer and mental health advocate, Halina Rifai, brings you their accounts and explores key themes that have impacted them including grief, body image and much more.

Based on her own experiences, Halina felt it was time to start helping people tell their stories. It’s hard listening at times, but that’s how we can learn and understand each other better. These are real life accounts from brave people, and we can’t wait for you to meet them.


These are released by series, and once the series is out they come out weekly. There are 3 series out so far and series 4 is coming later this year

About your host

Halina Rifai

Halina Rifai is a podcast producer, music writer, PR & digital marketer. She founded music site Podcart in 2009 and went on to become a podcast producer, working with the likes of BBC Scotland, The Big Light, Mental Health Foundation and more. Her own mental health podcast A Sonic Hug has been widely praised and featured in the likes of The Metro, The Guardian and The Times. She works regularly with We Are Here Scotland – a space aimed at supporting and raising the voices of Black People and People of Colour Creatives across Scotland. She also co-programmes the award-winning gig series AMPLIFI in partnership with The Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh.

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