5 skills you already possess for your business to thrive in the new normal

As creative entrepreneurs and freelancers, it’s easy to feel entirely overwhelmed and vulnerable at the moment. That that feeling is completely valid. However even if you don’t have heaps of cash stashed away, you do have some pretty invaluable skills in your arsenal and now is the time to dust them off and apply them to ensure that your business can thrive in what is becoming the new normal.

Seriously, spare cash aside, entrepreneurs, freelancers and small businesses have some real advantages that big businesses just can’t touch…

1. Entrepreneurial mindset

As entrepreneurs you are inherent self-starters with vision, self-belief and unrivalled drive and these skills are nothing to sniff at. They helped you get where you are today and they can help you navigate an unpredictable future. Remember you know how to take calculated risks, surround yourself with people who have the skills you lack and create something from nothing. You’ve already done this once and if you apply those skills and focus to the current climate, you’ll likely have the same success.

2. Resilience

Most start-ups are used to living on the knifes edge, working with limited funds and resources and often having to cashflow through crisis situations at the best of times. I believe the start-up phase of business is like the engagement phase of marriage. It’s there to test you and see if you have what it takes to make it. Can you handle a crisis? Will you respond well under pressure? Can you handle the responsibility of providing others with their livelihood month after month? Can you make smart calculated risks and keep the business moving forward?

Good news, you’re still here, so the answer is YES to all the above. You’ve learned over the years to be resilient and manage your stress while juggling a million big decisions. You’ve sacrificed for this business to succeed or at least to exist and you’ve lived to tell the tale. This is a key skill to keep in focus as you go forward.

3. Creativity

You’re creative. This is a huge advantage and it’s yours naturally. Apply that creativity to solving the issues you face now, and things can only get better. Concentrate that big, beautiful, creative mind of yours on turning things on their head and look at them in another way. Explore other ways you can derive revenue, carve out a new niche, be relevant, stand out from the noise, improve your offer. You’ve got this. It’s your bread and butter.

4. Low overheads

Imagine having to pay huge teams of staff salaries, rent on big office buildings, or factories, advertising or whatever. Your overheads are comparatively really low, and this means you don’t need much capital, if any at all, to apply some of your new creative solutions or to develop a new offer. Be economical sure, but also apply that brilliant creativity to explore how you can bootstrap, collaborate or postpone these costs to realise new, smart solution that can keep the lights on.

5. Agility

Not having hunners of staff and layers of management means that you have the advantage of being nimble. You’re in position to make a decision in one meeting and apply it later that day. That ability to move quickly and respond well gives you an advantage that big business just can’t compete with.

So act. This is that moment. Don’t be a deer in headlights. Sure, it’s a huge amount to process and the decisions are big and have real effects on your livelihood and that of your staff and clients, but don’t miss this chance to act fast and with purpose.

Whether your pivoting the business, partnering with others or delivering a new service be strategic and conscious about what you’re doing and what the effect of your actions will have on your business, your brand, your bottom line and your life. Never rush into anything, but equally don’t miss an opportunity to survive or even grow.

You got this!

These are hard times without a doubt, but they are not insurmountable. Between funding support programmes, hardship funds, the support of your community and your sheer determination, you can keep going. We’re counting on it.

Stay the course and remember you are entirely capable. Tired and a little rattled, sure, but cut you open, and you bleed awesome sauce. You’re a creative entrepreneur and you can do anything.

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